Need help with Anil Modi/Modi Naturals Physical Shares

Hello guys,

My dad has some Modi naturals physical shares with a joint name of my uncle, But the names printed on the shares are spelt wrongly
I want to convert them into demat form, can someone help with the procedure or any link.
PS: I tried mailing modi naturals but they didn’t respond, my broker is like we don’t know what’s the procedure, you can hire somebody and pay them but I don’t want to do that so any suggestions welcomed

Contact the Company Registrar …with the Folio number…they will give the Detailed Procedure…for name spelling issue…Also…u need to oopen a Joint Demat account ur father and uncle in same order…to get shares dematerialised…

If Registrar or Company dont respond.u can raise complaint on SEBI SCORES Portal…then.they will definitely respond

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Based on my personal experience i can say that in case of physical shares query the registrar need a written request duly signed by shareholders, to respond. kindly send a request letter accordingly preferably by courier or registered post .
moreover as per my understanding registrar or company may not help in rectifying spelling mistake on name on the share certificate . once you opened a joint demat account with names as per Pan card , it will be DP who has to guide you the process like Affidavit etc to declare names on share certificate and account are of same persons.

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Hi Varun, you should submit a modification request with the RTA, get it rectified, and then proceed with the dematerialization. If the name mismatch is due to a typo, you can provide them with an affidavit. It is best to contact the RTA company and ask for a clear procedure. The contact details can be found on the exchange’s website: Modi Naturals Limited : BSE

Since the physical shares are jointly held, they can be dematerialized to a joint account. This is explained in detail here: Can I dematerialise jointly held physical shares?

You can open a joint account with us, here’s how: How to open a joint demat account at Zerodha?

If you need assistance, please create a ticket with the above link. Our team will contact you and assist you with the account opening.

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That is super helpful, I will do the needful and see if it works.
Thankyou and I really appreciate

Understood Aniln, I will do the needful as explained and get back if any help required
Thankyou so much

Got it, thanks Rachit, I will do the needful