Need help with the streak code

I want code for the following:

First Code

Buy when 10 EMA crosses above 20 EMA (positive crossover)
Sell when 10 EMA cross below 20 EMA (negative crossover)

Exit: Stoploss: Exit on reverse crossover and take reverse position or stoploss max 1 %.


You can use

Streak supports Long or Short strategies and not support Long and short strategies currently. Hence it will not take a reverse position. You need to deploy two strategies for this - one for long and one for short.

In long condition entry when price closes above the indicators.

and In short entry when price closes below the indicators.

Hi, Need another code.

Long Entry Condition
EMA Cross over 10/20
Super Trend 10/3
RSI > 60

Exit condition: Price crosses below EMA 10
Reentry: If price closes above EMA 10 and all other conditions meeting.

Short Entry Condition
EMA Cross Over 10/20
Super Trend 10/3

Exit Condition: Price closes above EMA 10.
Reentry: If price closes below EMA 10 and all other conditions meeting.

You can give seperate code for long and short conditions. Thanks!

Please write to [email protected] in case you are not able to create conditions.

Also, you need to mention clearly what the Supertrend and VWAP condition is. Mentioning the indicator is not enough information. It will be better if you can take a screenshot of the setup in charts marking the entry and exit.


Long = crossover(ema(close,10),ema(close,20)) and rsi(close,14) > 60 and close > vwap and dir == -1 and volume > sma(volume,20)

Short = crossunder(ema(close,10),ema(close,20)) and rsi(close,14) < 40 and close < vwap and dir == 1 and volume > sma(volume,20)

Please give the code for the same.

@Krishnendu Please help.

Hi @harsh_hnp,

You need to write to support.

10 EMA crosses above 20 EMA and
14 RSI higher than 60 and
Close(0) higher than VWAP(0) and
Volume higher than Moving Average(20,Volume,Simple 0)

what is meant by " dir == -1"?

Is there any way to place Profit Rupees value Target to all positions,
Like let’s assume I shorted both Banknifty’s call & put with 1-1 lot & I want to exit on overall 40 points decay so in short I want 1000 Rupees in total Position
So what I want is once in Positions page when it shows 1000 Rs Profit the all positions must square off automatically
Is there any way to do this…

Streak does not support options. So, this cannot be currently implemented in the platform.