Need helps for Scan Code!


I 'm new for Amibroker code writing and I have my own way to scan but I don't know how to interpret my formula, so I need you help to interpret being AFL code.

1.My first formula (Explore) ,


- RSI(14) > 70  , BOTH  DAY AND WEEK

- CLOSE > Bolinger Band Top , BOTH  DAY AND WEEK

-Average Value 5 days > 10,000,000 usd

- Average Volume 5 days > 200 ( Trade Volume > Average Volume 5 days , 200%)

2. pullback and rally ( formula of Metastock)  I need both plot graph and explore buy-sell signal

Prd1:=12; Prd2:=26;
Bull:=Fast>Slow; Bear:=Fast<Slow; 
Green:=Bull AND C>Fast; 
Red:=Bear AND C<Fast;
Yellow:=(Bull AND C<Fast AND C>Slow) OR (Bear AND C>Fast AND C<Slow);
Blue:=(Bull AND C<Slow) OR (Bear AND C>Fast);
Buy:=Cross(Fast,Slow); Sell:=Cross(Slow,Fast); 
Fast; Slow;

by coindition


PreBuy:=Bearish AND C>Max(Fst,Slw);


Buy:=Bullish AND C>Max(Fst,Slw);


Correction:=Bullish AND C<Fst AND C>Slw;


PreSell:=Bullish AND C<Min(Fst,Slw);


Sell:=Bearish AND C<Min(Fst,Slw);


Rlly:=Bearish AND C>Fst AND C<Slw;

Anyone,please help me

Please brief your condition , the above metastocks and the other can not be converted in AFL