Need Stock FNO screener based on margin

Am looking Stock FNO screener based on my margin to filter out scripts. Did anyone done this feature already?
Ex: input 20K then for get stock Call Options with some defined strike price range of any stocks

I’m afraid there is no screener in the market which tells you which options to buy based on margins. You could start here. Also, if you are just starting out, then options is not the place to start. Start with equity and learn the tricks and trades of the game to start off.

I don’t asked you for permission or suggestion to trade in options & don’t underestimate others. I know how to trade all segments. Don’t speak irrelevant to topic posted. If u don’t aware of answer stay away.

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Oh, I’m sorry sir, I wasn’t underestimating you. I was just looking out for you. Because your question seemed a little surprising to me. I’m sorry if you took it the wrong way, apologies.

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