Need your suggestions

Bought around 2000 shares of Cholafin @155… Now stock is down to 133…need your suggestions… Should i hold or exit my current position?

What was the rationale behind buying ? Fundamentals ? Technicals ?

Both… The time I bought it was in an uptrend and technicals were conducive…

i don’t see any buy signal. The stock was moving around the resistance and also there was no breakout.
And i hope you did not take only RSI into consideration.

My point is…it is playing in a level …I meant to say that it could reach back to Yearly pivot of 169 next week or two…I not even considered that RSI…Pretty much it is useless in current conditions…But on monthly chart…I see a 200EMA @ around 95…

@rudy17 That dark blue line @ 95 is 200 EMA…and onemorething is even god cant save if future fundamentals are bad…Wt about chola earnings of Q4…Did they perform well in Jan, Feb, March?
No techinals will work if fate is return with news and current situations…

you needed to wait for stock to bounce back from 200 ema, it’s still far from 200 ema.
Also it’s better to trade what you see rather than what you want to see.

bro :joy:, im just saying the technical possibilities…not saying theory when to trade or when to exit…

I don’t know what technicals u follow becoz everyone have there own set of interpretations as @rudy17 has mentioned, probably u got trapped in RSI fascination if u have followed technically. But RSI has certain set of rules too. Either catch the bottom that is very rare to identify or take position above 50 only. To make more edge to ur decision, wait for MACD to cross 0 from bottom that also seems unlikely in ur case. ADX also not in confirmed state anyway. so i dont prefer to go long in such scenario any way.
However, it is very easy to make post analysis and give opinions. Everyones interpretation is different as per their style of trading. And what i said is my way only. So take ur decision coz only u r the master of ur money. But since u are already in this trade, in my view u must wait as there is a bit of divergence in RSI too that means i may have waited a bit to break this divergence line as well and get exit on my cost if comes anyway.

Cholafin went down with a big volume , it seems some one dumped it , This high volume sale need Big investors to hold that much of quantity of Cholafin to stabilize the stock price! If this stocks is for investment or for trading you have to decide !! Investment or Trading should be based on Money management.

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My suggestion would be if you want to keep this stocks without seeing that loss try selling ATM calls now or find correlated stock and deploy money there.