Needed help to create strategy in streak

I want to create strategy in 5min chart
-when red candle goes below lower Bollinger band and the next candle(green, better if doji) stay out of lower band , not even wick touching, and than next
green candlee goes in to the lower band than I want to buy on that candles high
-and I want my SL to be the low of the first red candle (the one that broke below lower band)
And the target price to be 1:2 ratio
Like if the first red candles low Is 100 and we took entry at 105 ( upper conditions applied )
Than my SL would be 100 and my target would 115

And same in upper band if green candle goes out of upper band and the next red candle stay out of upper Bollinger band and than the next red candle goes in to upper band than its my entry point for short tread and the high of first green candle would be my SL and the target would be 1:2 ratio

Sorry cuz of my weak English
If I didn’t clear something
Please let me know

                                                                 -Thanks in advance 😄

@Streak can you.

Can I what?

Hi @Parmar_Raj

Here are the condition for this

this is not possible, since buy can be executed at the current price.


Accordingly, you can create the Short condition

It says wrong input

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Please write to [email protected] tech with the FULL condition and the team will assist you with this.