Negative weeks and me


August is a tough month for me. Feels like everything you do, goes in vain.
Currently i am facing 1.87R down for the month. Not much down, but the last 2 weeks have been completely dry, with 3 consecutive losses per week. Now, going to loss number 6 today Friday.

Just sharing, that trading can be frustrating and it’s just not profits , profits.

I am not looking for any sympathy but i believe that sharing losses can help each other mentally. So, i am sharing my story.

Feel free to share yours. Hope, this page ll continue.


Indeed it is frustrating…even if you are in the money still one has to keep looking at the screen continuously, even this locked is having a huge impact , do take some time off ,cutoff social media , go for a run everyday, workout …then comeback after some time

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Didn’t understood what you meant by 1.87R

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R means risk unit per trade. Referring to R, basically takes away your mentality to focus on the money value. I am down 12000 rs doesn’t convey much. Say, she may be down only -3r. As money value is all relative. Varies from person to person. Hence R.

@Celina Aug is also a tough month for me. Times like, I follow my strategy to the dot, yet I have strings of losses. These are times where people abandon ship, and look for greener pastures. Times like you doubt your strategy.

Variation is all normal part of a strategy, and glad that you are in control mode, with a strictly refined loss.

Thanks, keep sharing.


how does R work?

Markets have been behaving weird lately and its been a bad ride for system traders for past couple of weeks. Thanks to my extremely small stop losses, I am at break even atleast or minor red.

One does start doubting the strategy, but in such markets, almost all strategies give negative return. So patience while riding this phase as this too shall pass.


How does one calculate this ? Can you please explain ronin ? No helpful video regarding how to calculate R.

@Gautam Good going for you. You seem to be experienced Gautam. Last couple of weeks there has hardly been any trending move for me to make money. I am not much in red, but can you tell me can nifty behave like this for long period of time ? In my strategy, nifty hasn’t even showed me 40 points m2m profit especially last one week, except tuesday.

So writers finding difficult to make money because of alternate gap up and gap down, and those who do intraday, hardly anyone making money because of lack of movement and narrow range, most have been fakeouts and back to where they were. Also what is that picture about in your post ? what graph ?

In trading, as much as the strategy is important, the underlying too is important and all the weeks can’t be same for any instrument. For my strategy particularly, I am at a slight loss in Nifty this week, but at the same time, this week was great for commodities like natural gas and crudeoil as well as the usdinr currency pair.

So in that way, since my trading is spread across multiple instruments, which do not correlate much with each other in intraday movements, the week ends up in green. Of course, I trade different strategies for all the four instruments, but its a great way to calculate weekly gains/losses overall for the entire week across rather than trading one single instrument which can keep you on gas in case it turns volatile in the consolidation phase.

If you trade a strategy which is trend following/breakout type, I highly suggest to explore commodities too. The 14 hours per day in front of the screen could be tedious though, but to each his own. You would hardly find a day dull in the energy commodities, forget about an entire week not moving.

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@Celina C3rd year running. and I’m still going downside. Better than 1st year, very better than 2nd year and now yeah little bit food is on plate for sure. This just took 3 years. “CAST AWAY” MOVIE HELPED TO BE HUMAN



Very sad to hear…

But, what to say? For my stupidity I have lost 1.78 lac yesterday. Feeling so upset. Just trying to cool down myself. No trade for time being. Just keeping me out from the terminal. But, very difficult to accept my foolish action… Though I know some body has to loose for others gain… I’m not repenting for the loss… Though the loss is undoubtedly a big one to my capacity. But, I’m still confused for my foolishness. If you have patience please go through.

Day before yesterday I was trading on Banknifty in last 15 mnt, i.e, from 3.15 pm. I was about to book around 25 k. Was keeping eye on the wall clock. Suddenly 3.29 mnt candle formed red. I was almost going to square off the position. Kept the order book ready and fixed the mouse on the button. Just I was single click away. What happened to me, I got confused, just wanted to wait for last mnt candle. And when I was about to click the mouse, market stopped before my click. Unfortunately my wall clock was around 20 seconds slow that I didn’t notice earlier. Afterwards, I started to calculate the probable consequences, with an unforeseen hope. Next morning getting the news that market was going to a huge gap down opening, I tried to explore the ways to reduce the loss but actually there’s nothing to do in that case. Which was a profit of Rs 25k just for my stupidity I waited for last mnt candle and next day I had to book 1.78 lac Loss.

Just shattered like anything. Couldn’t share my stupid action to anybody else. Reading your post, I thought, It might be a process of healing the pain. Let me share my pain with the community… With a hope to gain sufficient confidence to fight back.

Thanks for your patience.


I feel glad that people are sharing and talking about losses.

Your experience is indeed valuable and thanks for taking your time out to write about it. Saying I feel for you might not be enough, but losses are there to make you stronger and wiser.


feel sorry for the losses.
we too have made many mistakes and learning from it.

Hope going forward u will never weight till last minute to square off your positions.
for this one lesson learning you paid 1.78 lac as tuition fee to the market.

like this so many lessons to be learnt from market. and we keep on paying the fees to the market for silly mistakes.
finally one who succeed is who never repeat the mistakes.


Thank you guys for your kind concern and ever valuable encouragement that help me towards boosting my morale. It isn’t like that I’m booking loss first time. Before also on several times I have lost and not to mention, sometimes it was to the tune of 1.5 lac also. However, I could manage in balancing my portfolio by making profits on other occasions. But those were very early periods of my journey towards the stock market when I was completely a novice.

However, this time it is quite different. There was no mistake to study the chart, invoke right strategy. And everything was fine. But what happened to me, I’m still clueless, I was frozen completely in the last mnt. Even I was ready to exit but didn’t for no reason.

This stupidity I can’t digest. That’s haunting me continuously. But, what to do, it is also a great lesson that was due for me. Just trying to engage me with some readings of books and listening music. And wish to stay off from the market for sometime.

Anyway, very happy to hear your kind words. And wish all of you a happy Ganesh Chaturthi… Ganapati Bappa Morya…


Right saying sir…

However, I don’t trade more than one or two in a day… What I realise is that though I have acquired some knowledge for dos and don’ts but I am still lagging the practical execution i.e. you may say, I need some competence to do so which may come after a loads of experiences of facing odds.

One thing from your note that is striking to me is that I must be cautious from the next time not to let this kind of mistakes make its way to happen again. Thank you sir for your kind note. Trying to move forward with a hope to let you know one day that I am quite well and composed now like you all.

From the bottom of my heart I convey my regards to all the fellow members of this forum like you for showing concern and wise guidance to my cause.

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August continues to be volatile and very less profitable for me in intraday trading, anybody back to profits ? Managed to capture yesterdays move, but that too was small. @Celina

Ah tell me about it. July was +12R for me and i increased the risk in august. 2.5 times, skewed a bit on my startegy, three back to back red days, 7r gone, 4th day im emotional, didn irrational trading lost another 7r. Till month end i was at -11r.
But thankfully this month starting 1 week in and i got +13r back to breakeven. Lol

Hi, I have been reading many of your posts, thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge. Have you started trading crudeoil again?. I had read that you had stopped after volumes had decreased. If you had started again, how many lots you can trade now without much slippage.? thanks in advance.