Nest vs zerodha pi

NEST VS ZERODHA PI .Which one is best .

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Certainly Pi, if you ask me.



Soft on eyes

Quick Login & Exit

Tabbed windows

Outstanding App Icon

Best Interface


Of course it is Pi

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It would be good if blank line is permitted in the Market Watch.
In column adjustment ‚ÄėBEST FIT TO DATA‚Äô not available in MW.
It would be better if columns are provided for IV,DELTA,GAMMA,THETA,VEGA for
option contracts by default RBI Bond Rate for interest rate and dividend is ZERO.

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Pi,the beautiful thing is when we draw a line even unstraight line,its drawn as a straight line.

good and a quite relevant question… at this point of time, its definitely NEST in all aspects except AI part.

Pi can and hopefully will get better but at this rate it’s going to take a lot of time…

@ VTN - How on earth do you draw an ‚Äúunstraight line‚ÄĚ on any charting platform for that matter‚Ķ LOL

Pi is working slower than NEST.(Other than Login and Exit)

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Do you have any doubt about PI, PI is very user friendly trade platform as well as it protect you eyes from high contrast when you use zerodha theme,

PI provide you to place order from charts with single click.

PI provide you to place your SL and target from charts .

PI give a minimum 20000 candle of previous data to back test your strategy

PI provide you expect advice of some common strategy.

and much more…

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PI is much better than Nest. compared to tradetiger i still go with TT for charting, maybe i am addict to TT charting. Pi has some good tools over TT, we should have good tutorial so that Pi can be used efficiently. i was facing some problem with partial squareoff in Pi, hope this problem is rectified soon. Overall i am planning to switch to zerodha soon with the launch of Pi.

NEST vs Pi is not a comparison at all.

Personally I think Pi with the latest update is much better than NEST.

Pi vs Tradetiger should be a more apt question. Pi has a lot more tools and intraday data than TT, but TT I guess somehow feels more stable. Hopefully by the final release Pi will beat TT in all aspects.


Pi is an advanced tool with Zerodha,you can see many features on Pi rather than to NEST.

" PI provide you to place your SL and target from charts" IF IT IS TRUE THEN IT IS AMAGING.

Much awaited PI is not user friendly…same like IIFL or sharehan …

problems are need to save ur marketwatch to system, no beep alerts for executed orders…(long voice message irritating )…Netchange indicator as per scrip alphabetical order .not by price …

NEST providing all of these…

Hope Mr.NITIN will take a look about this…

It hangs frequently when I used scanner for more than 100 Symbol.

Though system memory is enough available.

Dude, wake up!, so much effort and resources have been put to create a better software rhan NEST and finally PI has come out with accolades.
And you are asking which one is best?

you should have asked between Pi vs tradetiger…not nest.

VTN,Many ppl still use tradetiger for charting and zerodha pi for trading.but look zerodha is one who does us a lot of goodies.

bro both are worse softwear but still i will say that nest is good than pi

Zerodha should be fast in implementing new things and quick updates…what i hate in NEST trader is time consuming in everything and hanging issues.