NetWorth vs InnerWorth

“Survival Of The Fittest”: It is not the Strongest that Survives but the most Adaptable to change.

While market regulator is busy making legal framework for networth of individual retail traders/investors, It is very important what we can do to at this point of time.

Possible Solutions for retail traders:

  1. If Zerodha initiates ‘Annual Fee base structure’ in cash segment to promote trading in cash instead future segment. (e.g 999 to 1999 unlimited cash trading)
  2. A little bit of Margin Funding in cash segment. ( upto 30 days with annual interest)
  3. Insurance protection of initial capital with annual premium in case of default, if possible.
  4. Registering a single national retail association of traders/investors with honest/sincere people to communicate with market regulator and try to resolve legitimate concern.