New Feature: Zerodha Leaderboards

A leaderboard can be a great way to drive valuable communication within the community.

Many crypto exchanges have official leaderboards for both spot and derivative segments. Zerodha can organize educational events around learning from these leaders. It would also demonstrate what kind of returns are achievable over a short/long term period, and how difficult/easy it is to remain consistent in different market regimes. Plus it’s fun.

Obviously the account names can be anonymous/hidden unless the account holder permits sharing personal info.

@nithin your post about crypto exchanges being new competition to trad-brokers is spot on. Adopting some of their features could be a good way to be future ready. Would like hearing your thoughts…

Snapshot from binance leaderboard for eg:

This is cool, but it might be a distraction.
May be all these fun and creative stuff can be done in un-regulated world like crypto.
But stock market is highly regulated and considered as a business.
Leader board might be like a motivation for some people, but newbie might get carried away be seeing the big gains and make them think that it’s easy to make money.
Also no stock broker has ever done this and it’s not a good idea to have leader board in stock market.

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