NEW FINDING >> How to assign HOT KEYS for SQUARE OFF on Pi

Assigning hotkey’s to Square off open trade positions is a feature you find on Trading Terminals in the west.

A square off hotkey helps you square off open positions in just one key press, with functions like “BUY at BID” or “SELL at ASK” or BUY/SELL at Market Price.

If you are a daytrader, wanting to use this feature on your Pi trading platform, I have found a workaround that is ideal for expert breakout traders / scalpers with a dual monitor setup.

Once fully setup , this technique will help you place square off limit orders in less than 2 seconds with just one mouse click.


1)Instantly place Square off orders to SELL at ASK, BUY at BID.

2)One Right Click order placement, 1 sec order placed at LTP to Square off positions.

3)Helps you save on compromised ASK and BID spreads.

Required software.

  1. Mouse Recorder from
  2. X-Mouse Button Control from


  1. Pop out the ADMIN WINDOW of pi to a corner of your second monitor, with “SQUARE OFF AT LTP” option ticked.

  2. Record a simple mouse recorder 3 step sequence

a) Assign Mouse click on pixel area “SQUARE OFF” or “SQUARE OFF ALL” button.
b) Followed by a 200ms wait and
c) ENTER key.

  1. On the Mouse recorder software assign the sequence HOTKEY as CTRL Button.

  2. On the X-Mouse button software, simulate right mouse button as CONTROL key.

Saves you:

  1. From diverting attention off your screen during volatility.
  2. Placing instant square off LIMIT orders to “SELL at ASK” or “BUY at BID” that matches your LTP.
  3. Saves you the extra few seconds from having to do manual key press or mouse movements.

Not for beginners, use at your own risk.

Let me know your thoughts.


I didn’t checked it but sounds interesting.

Brilliant Idea. Thank You.

Update:: I have tested it and it works great.

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Good Idea…waiting this in pi

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I use it regularly on my breakout trades and helps me cover the trade costs with just the spread difference, by using this hotkey function to “sell at ask” and "buy at bid’

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