New margin framework is here - to benefit hedged positions

@siva, sorry didn’t get this point, can you please elaborate? How is Orbis beneficial for pure option buyers? I thought the idea behind Orbis route was to help hedgers.

There will be no restriction on strikes, it will help both buyers and hedgers.

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Unfortunately that is not the real case, few end up buying lots on OTMs, mere gambling.

That is not possible in same account.

Is there a detailed circular on the website so I can weigh the pros and cons

If possible I will opt for it, if not I will consider 5 paisa

You can check this.

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I am talking on behalf of the excited community of traders who are trying to understand if Z is any good for hedgers

Thank you

Don’t Zerodha need permission of those clients before shifting them to Orbis.

off course yes, we move only those who are willing.

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Please can you publish a faq for those interested in orbis?

The circular is very generic.

What are the cost implications for the migration?
Are there any hidden fees?
Will everything remain the same as far as my relationship with Z is?

You can fill the form, you will get a call, there are no additional costs, we still will be your broker.

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A ticket has been logged

Previous day there was no margin cap… suddenly again a cap… what’s happening? Will you continue to change? I have to move to some other broker…

@siva i got a text from your side that 102% of my cash is utilised
i had 60k extra cash in my account , secondly even though my position was in red it was hedged , this is the second time i’m getting this text , last time i raised a ticket, see i know that i have to exit the short position first , can you please tell me whats wrong

banknifty july future has lot size of 25 but 02 july weekly option is of lot size 20 …why this?@siva @ShubhS9

From july monthly it will be 25, before that it will be 20.

You can create ticket here.

Sometimes zerodha is allowing far otm sometimes it is restricting… it’s impossible to plan strategy

That depends on our OI level,not in our hands for now.

If I have long call hedged by short call at a far strike (bull call spread). I have seen that zerodha deducts margin from account from the loss in far call leg if market keeps going up.