New option rule

NSE has said that we can only buy 1200 quantity is it combined bank nifty or per strike price or futures

case 1 - whole bank nifty I can buy 1200 quantity
case 2- futures 1200 ,option 36000 1200 quantity 36100 quantity 12000
which case is correct

Actually u can buy how much ever you want, it’s just the restriction per order.
Like 1200 qty per order and then another 1200 qty. You can add it up.
No max limit. Restriction per order only

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The quantity freeze limits are for per order. So in case if Bank Nifty, you can buy or sell maximum 1200 quantities if you want to trade more than that, you will have to place multiple orders. So on and so forth for Nifty and FinNifty.