New plan by 5 paisa - (MARGIN PLUS) 50:50 not required

Thanks @TradeB2B for your quick response, Just wanted to check as I see lot of complaints in Google play store.

@vikki You can see lot of complaints withRBI also , its will be there thats not a problem , really app is very smooth , believe me


It’s difficult to keep switching broker when you have all your holdings at one place.

@siva @Bhuvan any idea zerodha will consider all debt fund will treat as cash component , if no please tell , i cannot wait , lot of DPC charges silently moving from my account , 50:50 ok - but equity 50% rest all debt fund traet as cash component , how its possible diffrent broker have diffrent rule

Exchange considers Debt funds as non cash component. However, Overnight, Liquid, GILT and money market funds are considered as cash component. You can check the list here.

You can check the exchange list here to verify too(Note- This is Nov 2021 approved list for all future visitors)

Is it not easy to move debt/equity mutual funds from one demat account to another?

I think the cost involved will nullify the benefit.

  1. Cost of transfer
  2. Opportunity cost for nearly 10 days for the whole process to get done.
    I personally do not want that pain right now.

Did you have any experience with hidden charges, poor trade execution (on expiry days) in 5 paisa and Kotak?
Can both these brokers be trusted not to levy unnecessary charges on traders?

Use the Nest trader platform offered by 5Paisa - there will not be any technical glitches or loss in trade. There are no hidden charges. In the last 6 months only once has nest trader went down ie on 12/21 for 3 hrs.

Demat transfer from zerodha to 5paisa via cdsl easiest will take 3 to 4 days. Once transferred, the pledging approval will take only 10mts, unlike 24hrs for zerodha.

5paisa - default UI and tradestation are crap, only nest trader is smooth enough.

Kotak has zero intraday plan, but if you carry a position overnight - you will be charged at 9% interest for the blocked capital. ie approx Rs1972 per day for a position of 80 lakhs

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I hope Kotak does not charge interest if I have exchange prescribed margins in my account for my open overnight positions.

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Only for the liquid funds the interest is not charged. Let me illustrate

You have an overnight position of 80 lakhs. In your collateral 50% ie 40 lakhs are coming from liquid assets and the remaining 40 lakhs are from debt/hybrid/equity funds or ETFs.

Then your interest charge per day will be

  1. for 40 lakhs in liquid = zero
  2. for the 40 lakhs from non liquid at 9% = 4000000*.09/365 = Rs986 per day

If you compare the same situation in zerodha = there are no daily interest obligation as you are maintaining 50:50 ratio

That is a big difference for traders having 50% funds in debt/equity funds.
So, for traders having 100% cash or entire money in liquid funds, there is no additional charge.

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