New tools for day traders

i don’t see new tools coming out only targeting day/short term traders.there actually isn’t anything very innovative or exclusive that zerodha is offering for its highest paying clients which is F&O and Intraday EQ traders. Is zerodha working on anything or is the main focus still growing an investor base?

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discount broker needs low brokerage and high investor to survive,whats wrong ???

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I did not understand how Zerodha earning money from investors ?

They are charging zero brokerage for them right ?

May be they are earning some in the form of " Smallcase " & " Coin "

They must focus on traders community more.

Zero brokerage is for Equity delivery only.

See full charges list.

Those will not for Zerodha.

Every body have to pay those irrespective of Brokerage.

They pretty much have most traders trading with them its saturating already, but investors are still out there so that is the place to grow so thats why they are focusing on them. but the point is main guys who pay are traders somewhere i feel they are ignoring them a little. most of the tools traders have now from zerodha are offered by most brokers and its not high tech anymore. they can do a lot more, but dunno where the focus has been now.

Hmm . You are right.

We are habitual to pay taxes from small community for the bigger community who does not pay taxes may be same happening over here.

Earning money from traders and making products for investors.

What tools are you referring to ? Almost all tools for daytrading are available free on the internet.

On the other hand, the problems what day traders face is, in fact, Too many Trading Gear but No Idea.

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