New user charges Question

Hi, I’m looking to move my mfs to zerodha - have a question about this (for clarification purposes):

  1. I plan to sell them, and then rebuy via zerodha - cost will be Rs20 per sip?

  2. AMC is Rs300 + gst per 365 days? Is that the only annual charge zerodha takes (are there any other costs when it comes to monthly/quarterly/yearly costs, Coin maintenance etc).

  3. Using zerodha for mfs means those funds are actually in zerodha’s name not mine? (What I mean to say is, if I were to want to leave zerodha in the future can I get a portfolio id etc from zerodha to open an account on the AMC websites).

  4. Coin, Kite, Sentinel, Console are all included when I signup with zerodha? (no extra charges to get access to them).



  1. Buying and selling on Coin is absolutely free. ₹20 per order for F&O and Equity intraday trades only. Equity delivery trades are also free.

  2. Yes, AMC is charged at Rs 300 yearly(billed quarterly at ₹75 every quarter) if your holding value is more than 2 Lakhs. Read more here.

  3. No, the units are purchased in your name and the units are credited to your demat account. So if you choose to move out of Zerodha(which you won’t), you can move the units to another broker or MF platform using a DIS instruction.

@MohammedFaisal Thanks, I have follow-up questions:

  • Equity and debt funds are store in demat accounts - what are the charges to transfer money from zerodha to back account when withdrawing money (e.g. ultra short debt funds).

  • Are there charges when transferring money from bank account to zerodha when investing in mutual funds (I know emandate is free right now, but if not using emandate method).

  1. No, there are no charges for withdrawal of funds.
  2. Yes, there are no charges for eMandates(currently). IMPS and NEFT transfers are also free. Transfer through payment gateway is chargeable at Rs 9+GST