New Zerodha kite

Dear Zerodha,
You people are well known for ur low brockerage and chart display and upon considering this i opened account. I mainly trade on MCX but believe me guys starting from yesterday 5 pm till now I am unable to do any trade, all my settings are gone, preferences set are not getting saved it just getting reset on every script, there is no way to disable volume, chart always opening on 1min view even its set to 1 hour, no candle bar for Hekeinashi study.
I appreaciate your effort but sorry to say that its full of bugs and you people just cant do this with your customers where money transaction is present. It would be helpful if u provide separate normal and advance view , trading on app is now simply pathetic and last but not the least there are many other traderd available so hope you rectify this issues or atleast provide your earlier view as default and this view as an option.
Client Id : PA2552

There has been an update, check this post You need to either wait or click on layout to save preference.

Hello Nithin

Post the new version of Kite, Elder Impulse is displaying in only one color and not showing the signals red, blue and green. Can you please look into that and get that sorted out.

Client ID: ZX9067

Can you check on elder impulse system.