Newbie query related to kite

hi frnds

suppose i buy 100 ril shares thru market order and place a SL order at 98 and my target is 102… just want to confirm that i have 2 options for placing the target order

either i place a SL-M sell or SL sell order
or i can also place a normal lmt sell order ??
pl confirm and any correction in this?

secondly, wanted to ask tht if i place a BO, and my 1000 shares order executes in 5 orders then zerodha will charge Rs. 100 for 5 trades or will it be considered 1 trade for the taxes and brokerage point of view??

thanks for your help!!

For normal mis orders that will be considered as a single trade and hence charged 40 only for both legs.
But in BO CO if your first leg is executed in multiple trades then that first leg will be considered as single trade. BUT as multiple target and SL orders will then be placed due to multiple execution of the trade you will have to pay brokerage for each trade.

Thank you … can someone pls answer 1st q

No only one option.
You go long or short.
You always give limit order as profit target and SL order as loss stop

Ok … thnk you