Newbie to Price action trading

Hello everyone…

Just 6 month ago entered in stock market and blow out my account within a month then I thought to learn something and again come with indicators but again fail due to every time hit my sl and when go price up book quickly. Now enter 3rd time with price action and help of RSI and moving averages and that time really work and within 2 weeks I make 40%.I’m happy now.

Now my problem is nobody know chart reading around me. I need a group like we can share or get some analysis, stock selection for tomorrow etc.
Help me

You are still not a pure price action trader. Price action really don’t need an indicator. For a PA trader all indicators are an added confusion. So we stay away from indicators.


I am also new to price action trading… And love to join the group…

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what defines price action trader???

Repeatable price patterns in the market… And they r tends to continue because of human psychology…it includes support and resistance and candlestick which shows the behavior of buyers and sellers…

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Please let us know
What do you trade most
Stock options,Index options,futures,equity??
Intra day or positional?
What is the capital involved??

IM new to trading, been in this for 2 months now, not have enough experience to suggest but i can surely say, although group help you to learn fast but Solo is much better.

Intraday trading
And capital only 17k now ROI is 52 %
But next month I will trade with 1 lac

Drop your number

Give this a read. It should be really helpful :slight_smile:

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