Newbie's Zerodha Coin Analysis

Hi @nithin, I am new to Mutual Funds, recently jumped since June 2021. Explored various platforms including other apps, had some investments directly via AMC’s. Finally i ended up with Zerodha. My family members also started using Zerodha.


  • Direct Mutual Funds
  • Performance of Coin App. (Hats off to backend design team)
  • UI is impressive for a newbie
  • One click ELSS statement
  • SIP with duration of 1 week, 15 days, 1 month, which is unique and nice
  • Very important: MF in Demat mode. I personally like DEMAT mode, we can have a single view in CSDL website too
  • Console which gives overview
  • Zero brokerage for mutual funds
  • Support for T-bills and bonds purchase
  • Best customer support


  • Compared to other competitors, UX needs more improvements. I am a professional UX developer and i feel lot of improvements we can bring in.
  • Please provide ratings for mutual funds like Value Research ratings which helps users to easily pick up mutual funds.
  • Make navigation always to land in Main page with 3 options Invest, Current Portfolio, Analysis
  • On Clicking Invest, user should be provided with 3 options equity, debt and hybrid categories. (with all sub types listed below)
  • Please display mutual funds on a particular category based on ratings e.g., under Large cap-> sort and display based on ratings
  • Bring more options in Console Analysis

Just my opinion, it’s not a good idea to have ratings for mutual funds.


Filters are already present for mutual funds in Coin. (But it’s only on the app not website).

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