News based Deals

Taking reference from NSE Bulk deal details
Big players are risking big money , earning big money & also loosing big.

In case of Just Dial many traders bet big money earned Example Khandwala Commercial bought & sold QTY-450693 with just profit of 0.39 paise( capital 23.5 Cr/ or 4.7Cr - margin money ) earned 1.75 lkh

where as HDFC mutual fund bought 680000 on average price of 521.435 , on closing basis price of 496
HDFC Mutual fund lost -1.729 Cr !!
Ultimate looser – Investors.

in case of Ruchi soya Both guys lost, -24.67 lkh & -85k

so its better to stay away from news based trades

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Surprising…!! Classic examples of committing suicide.

Surprising to see few DIIs losing lol :smile:
Well can you post direct link?

This news actually rumor was only known to insiders. Operator, promoters I guess.

Justdial, infibeam, are classic examples of news/rumour driven stocks where insider trading happens.

There are two possibilities to Just dial news
1, Chances of Google wanted to buy , or Just dial promoter wanted to sell, )( may be buy back few weeks ago is an indication). Transacting big volume is really difficult, so either Google or Just dial approached Fund houses
2. HDFC Fund manger just wanted to buy or invest in Just dial, some body at HDFC may be passed this information to some operaters, Operators in turn to cover up their operation , plotted news / with friendly/ paid media, rumored Google buying Just dial story.
so net ,net if anybody do trading/buying without the knowledge of TA , on rumor/news based , will certainly loose. its better to exit or stay away from such stocks.

Some post-mortem on Just dial , ,HDFC bought 35 lkh shares on September & yesterday 6lkh shares , so HDFC Funds average price for Just Dial will be less then 521 and todays Just dial was up by 7% HDFC made profit , and it seems that some thing is cooking in Just dial

Bulk Deals.