News Feed for long term investor

I have an idea of an application for long term investors. Where all the securities available and investor can follow securities and get news updates regularly.

Suppose, I have stock of Reliance Industries, Yes Bank and few more companies. I can follow this companies and get news update about this companies in news feed.

So I can keep track if something goes wrong with this companies. I can make changes on my holdings for these companies.

Is there any app available already. Please let me know.

How is this different from a whole lot of sites already available like moneycontrol, trendyline etc etc?

You have to read all news in moneycontrol and what I have said above that you get only news for stocks which you followed.

In zerodha, kite we have the option to read stock specific events or news from our holdings tab.

Create a watchlist in moneycontrol.
Then in the app on your phone go to News section and select my news, there you will see all the news related to your watchlist.

I have created a tool for myself that I use to get news directly from exchanges once a day but I also use moneycontrol app on my phone from time to time.

This one sounds Great. Thanks.

This is available via the Fundamentals option in the More dropdown check this