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What do you think about this move? Will it help ease rising inflation a bit?

Interesting bit of news coming from the US, where there seems to be an issue of nitrogen fertiliser shortage (due to shortage of natural gas? )

There seems to be a global phenomenon developing out of this shortage with russia also limiting the export of nitrogen fertilisers to curb the rise in food prices.

More on this here : Nitrogen fertilizer shortage threatens to cut global crop yields -CF Industries | Reuters

Interesting! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

is this a cascading effect of energy crisis of natural gas that is happening globally ? its very confusing … what will be the impact on the Indian listed companies? which which sectors will be impacted directly

Auto Sector is the go-to place now in the market

Update : Company clarifies that no negotiations are taking place to raise money.

Growing Inflation is the common trend visible in most of the major world economies.

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Covid Strikes Germany. Record number of daily new cases reported.

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Need to keep an eye on it as emerging markets like India react to big moves in the dollar index. The move is on the backdrop of steep rise in inflation in the US, Sparking fears of rate hikes by the Fed earlier than expected.

Dollar index spikes above 96 and crude falls more than 2% on this news

Impact to the customers? : Mobile bills will be impacted by 20-25% more cost.

Impact to the telecom industry? : it will lead to increase in Average revenue per User (ARPU)

What needs to be seen is will reliance and vodafone Idea also hike similarly now or will they follow it up later

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It is time to be extremely alert. New South African variant is causing huge concern across the globe.

Price hike of upto 20% is now done by all the three leading telecom companies

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Good news in the medium term for the pharma sector

Sharp fall in most of the the global indices (Esp. US Futures) after this latest news

I think this will not affect India, in villages farmers use cow-dung as a fertilizer :thinking: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


On one side Moderna’s CEO says that their vaccines are not effective against new variant.

On the other side :

Good news on the GDP numbers front.

Important News for Global Markets.