Next month option selling

I tried to do cash secured put for axisbank in zerodha, Fot the Jul month, it did not accept my order. which broker should i use for this strategy, as zerodha is not executing my order? i want to do it for positional trading. I even have enough capital to take delivery. what should i do? I tried selling 350 put for July. It said order cannot be placed because of liquidity issue, try more liquid stock. I can see in the market depth that people are placing order and getting their orders executed.

Next month stock options are illiquid.
I doubt any other broker also will b able to help you.
Generally try to trade in current month Options only especially stock options.
U can lose a lot of money when bid-ask spread is large due to illiquidity.

I’m willing to take delivery if it goes against me. and if any other broker will not be going to help me then how how the orders are getting executed on the exchange. I know for sure that without broker you cannot execute order. There are order getting executed on exchange so which broker is executing the order.