Nifty 11200 call

I bought 2 lots of NIFTY18FEB11200CE
I bought it an average price of 30.72 two days back.

Now it is trading at 5.25
So far i am at Rs 3821 loss, how do I overcome this loss ?

Most of the premium is already lost in this case. I would just leave it and only hope for the best.

Cover it as soon as possible… Save capital it will never recover…


You might just a day after budget day i assume ,Generally after event premium gets chopped off and 22nd being expiry and some public holiday getting to your buy price looks difficult.Anyways if premium stays above 7 you can hold on but cant day how far it can go .Only short covering in pe can help nifty go up but at 10700 strong resistance found .Your buying of ce was wrong decision and timing too.In last few days it is observed that carrying position over night is not so good idea due to global uncertainty.


On 8th Feb, there was drop in volatility and hence there was drop in option price. On 9th Feb the market fell down heavily so the premium dropped further.

The delta of 11200CE is very low, so most probably the option will expire worthless. Due to global scenario and LTCG, the chances of market going down are more than going up.

My suggestion will be to square off anytime there is rise is the call price.

Thanks everyone…

I squared off this trade at Rs 5 for 2 lots.

Any advise on how I can improve option/derivative trading. (Asking in general not specific to this trade)

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The markets have recovered sharply from lower levels with huge candles in the past. I would suggest you to hold your position till expiry.