Nifty 4000 on the way

Seeing the free fall will nifty read 4000 in a month? Is it a big joke or a remote possibility ? Any thoughts?

No not possible this month or the next month either, but if corona rises in India as it has done in the western countries then 4000 could be possible after June-July or after May even. The Best thing one could do right now is be at 100% cash and do only intraday (cash trades no leverage) and if to be in the safe side do nothing at all until some clarity is reached for the pandemic at hand.

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itā€™s a waste trying to predict the markets.


I think peak of Coronavirus is here.
Deaths in Italy have started decreasing.

India is in lockdown so the cases shouldnā€™t really increase

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This month is the biggest fall in the nifty since ages. But is corona virus the cause for this?? A virus whose death rate is slightly greater than the common cold is causing a 5000 points fall in the nifty in a matter of month?? remember we also have mers,sars,ebola and other deadly viruses. I think the problem is much deeper than this something releated the banking and economy in general. look at the banking sector, their stocks are falling like stones. NPAs?? and yes bank has gone down and next one is (indusindbk?? axisbank??).
sounds like some conspiracy but who cares as the market is falling just short it. short it short it.

4000 might be a good figure to make the money in the short term but as a day trader i am worried of the consequences of market falling so much as people will not be willing to take the buy side any time sooner if that happens. Look at today for nearly 15 to 20 mins many of the shares in the nifty 50 all blue chips have no buyers. so it is the shorters who are covering their position at lower lows and new shorts are entering(hypothesis). This kind of situation is not good in a long time.

I hope(but not predict!!) the market recovers soon.


Really hope cases donā€™t increase, but looking at the way how our people act (see yesterday all flooded the streets like India won WC or something) things might well turn ugly in India.


It isnā€™t. Coronavirusā€™ death rate is 14%.

Well agree with you that Coronavirus might not be the only reason behind the fall.

Disagree with the title.

Weā€™re near bottomā€¦ Almostā€¦ Imhoā€¦

4000 not possible till Aug/Decā€¦

We need to give our markets some respectā€¦ they are resilientā€¦

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6825 is my take.


death rate?? are they clearly able to tell the death is because of corona virus?? Most patients had several issues before corona virus and most of them are 60+ age group.

according to who official website it stands at 4.4%. But please note that most of the patients had other illnesses.

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I think nifty will come down to 2007 highsā€¦lets seeā€¦no one knows the bottomā€¦from 1st may hedged margin will come , good for us margin will be low

hai guys nifty is trading PE 17 its fair valu not attractive , any fall below 7000 like 6500 the PE value is 12 we can make investment there ,

if any body buy at 12k nifty , dont worry , when nifty is reaching to 6k level you can average , when you are averaging @ 6k your BE will come very close ,

how the fall speed on downside , the same double speed on recovery also , but when its will happen no one knows
its will take another 3 + month to recover 25% damage only on upper circuit only

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My asset allocation as follows , now warren always told CASH IS KING

when market will touck 12 PE i will increase equity allocation to 30% maximum with 3 tranches , this way only you can still alive with market , most beginers want to learn how to invest and trade in this kind of market , best lesson the market is teaching now


@Riyas_Ahamed 81% Dept (Mutual fund)
Can you explain??

Liquid fund ------ 50%
longterm glit fund-15%
PSU banking Debt-16%

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If anyone thinking of intraday in this levels
Are not Intelligent , rather invest for longterm or loose money in trading with volatility, choise upto you!

History in making, witness the history invest in this levels you know what happened in 2008, everyone panic and sold, and those intelligents hold it and saw the market making new highs in 2018āœŒ investment giving multifolds returns for them!!

This current levels are rare for stock market!
And peoples should not miss opportunitiesšŸ˜€

the fall is sharp ā€¦the recovery wont be ā€¦we depend on the US ā€¦there are job losses ā€¦there will be recession ā€¦no one knows how long this virus thing will last ā€¦how can you say the recovery will be double the speed ? ā€¦india also has economic issues of its own ā€¦even in great depression the recovery took more than 2 years


If you can understand English or not I donā€™t know , what I told just recap my sentence , in GDP slowdown also market went up continusely and touch 12400 , the speed of fall not only on downside we seen , the market will reprint on upside also in double , when will happen no one knows , may be 3 + months are years no one knows , I never tell tmw will go up double speed , Market have a behavior of repainting, every fall market have one behaviour to create new high

No way 4000 will comeā€¦ Not this month not Aprilā€¦

Wthā€¦ For heavenā€™s sakeā€¦ Why be so pessimisticā€¦
Most probablyā€¦ Nifty could consolidate between 8500-6000 before any down move furtherā€¦

Too much pessimism in the airā€¦ At the momentā€¦ Thatā€™s allā€¦ Nifty may not recover FASTā€¦
but consolidation and further down move before any recovery is what I feelā€¦

These disruptions may last one or two yearsā€¦ GOD BLESS HUMANITY.