Nifty 50 tick not updating 02/24

Nifty 50 tick is not updating today and is constant at 14820.45. What is the issue and any workaround?

Issue with ticks for NSE indices. We’ve shared this on our Bulletin:

Thanks Any ETA on when this will be resolved. Any other reference site to be used in the interim ?

No updates so far. Checking on this.

Bank nifty too

in fact now kite seems to have fully stopped…what a pathetic system we have from nse

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Hope this “glitch” is not some kind of manipulation and that NSE investigates and reports on it asap. At the very least all trading activity across the board must be halted

nse seems to be all manipulated by fii’s. all bse tickers seem to be working

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finally trading halted…update on zerodha bulletin board

No tickers are updating anywhere it seems

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Trading and all tickers are completely halted but still SENSEX is zooming yet. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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sab milke humko chumtiya bna rhe h motherboard ke bacche

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refer bse site for ur order.

I already have cash intraday open positions in NSE… I’m stuck at the same level… How to square off? Somebody please help me

u hav to watch either huge profit or huge loss. no help regarding

Can’t you square off in bse?

No I can’t… This glitch has killed the strategy all together… Damn

See the volatility magic when the glitch is fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you have long positions on NSE in cash market, you can just take short positions on BSE, it is as good as square off and do the opposite for short positions.

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