Nifty and Bank Nifty Made a Killing move toady? Post your Profit's/Loss

Who made what in today’s unidirectional move? (11.25 AM Nifty up 3.50% Bank Nifty 4.80)
Personally I missed the bandwagon on either direction and who know’s what happens later in the day. Share your views, profit’s/loss?

Edit : 1:25 PM - Nifty % Bank Nifty - Up over 5%
Movements in short term options would have swelled some accounts while broken some short term option sellers without protection. Spectacular move anyway. :joy:

How does it help?

Yes today you will make 7% and lose that 7% over the next 7 days.

Is that a good trade?

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No trades today, also done for the day.

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grabbed 24K on 121K capital

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Is someone down more then 10 percent today after this move😪

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15 %

Had sold CE options & booked a loss of 16K, could have been worse since I exited when Nifty was around 10930, and it’s around 11280 now…

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Today was the day I literally froze like a few a month earlier when nifty had fallen sharply. No trades, just squared off my position in shares I had bought the previous day with around 10000 profit, in the morning and would have made 20k more had I waited a few more hours. Bought some other share before EOD for 2-3 days view.


Made close to 4k from 40k capital :smile:

Same dude. I had a banknifty strangle done yesterday. I literally froze when i checked at 11 and it showed 14k profits. I squared off my position instantly. Had i waited or played trailing sl could have made 30k more. Oh well. All in all a good day.

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No I didn’t’ have position in nifty or bank nifty, I had some bank shares. I don’t take overnight nifty and bank-nifty positions and whenever I take positions, I only do when I have done previous analysis and I take the max 4950 or not at all. Yeah, sometimes I do fool around in the market but only those time I take small quantity to minimize the loss. Anyway in my entire trading careers there have been few moves I regret not taking, moves which you didn’t know could move so much but still you have thought and done work about it but still don’t take a position. In today’s case I had seen the daily charts and there was divergence, I thought if it was a green day or moved above the opening I would get in. I would have taken a position but the one big movement in the one minute candle which was over 50 points in the nifty around 10740 had me backtracking. You know I thought it had moved too much and well after that I just sat and watched. Another move which I lost completely was on 5th July on the short side.
Even if I had just fooled around, even after the market had moved 1-2% I would have earned but still what can be said about lost chances! Regret!

Never regret missed chances of entering a trade or exiting one early. Market will give you many more chances, only if you are still there to take it. Fear not putting a stoploss or NOT Exiting a trade on time. Because it can erode capital in a blink. Your Regrets will be manifold .

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Yeah, I know and have experienced it live…:joy: