Nifty and bank nifty trading intraday


How much money do I need in my trading account to trade bank nifty and nifty


@Ajay_Singh_Aryan It depends on the strike price and expriy. To trade in Nifty min Qty is 75 (=1 lot). Price of contract depends on your strike price. Like, NIFTY 18JAN 10700 CE LTP is 41.95. So you must have 41.5*75 Rs, if u want to buy at that price.


for bank nifty around 80000 and nifty around 60000. These are NRML.


Thanks guys . But I am asking about nifty fut Jan intraday trading ?




1 lot Nifty future in NRML requires margin of about 64k. 1 lot Nifty future in MIS requires 40% of NRML margin which is about 25k and 1 lot of Nifty future in BO/CO requires 40% of MIS margin which is about 10k.


whether bracket order works in bank nifty purchase ?