Nifty and Banknifty trend - Views for December 2017

Nifty and Banknifty trend - Views for December 2017

The Retail Investors are in a bullish sentiment even after the NIFTY slipping 200 points in 2 days.
A sample voting survey on NIFTY GAP. on Monday indicates optimism among NIFTY traders

Based on just a psychological assessment of market mood.

Unless we see this current retail optimism fading to fear, not sure if we can expect some big positive moves on the nifty in the coming days.

The Trend reversal starts when least expected.



Put OI has increased with considerable Premium rise. That means Put Buying.
It is wrong to think that if Put Unwinding happened on Higher strikes, Put Writing happened on Lower strikes.


nifty is tking suppot at 10094

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Totally agree Bro. Will revisit my analysis again

Will NIFTY Slide below 10,000 in this DEC 2017 Series, what’s your say ? Cast your votes.