Nifty BeES ETF vs UTI Nifty Index fund

How do you decide between an index fund and an Index ETF?
what are the factors to consider?

In the long run will Nifty BeES ETF and UTI Nifty Index fund give the exact same results?

This will depends on ones personal choice tbh. ETF and Index Fund tracking Nifty are the same, both the schemes objective is to achieve returns that are mirroring the index they are tracking.

The only major difference between etf and index fund is that etf is traded on exchange and can be bought or sold anytime like we can do with stock. which is not possible for a Mutual Fund and also unlike index fund etf will not have minimum investment req. exit and expense ratios can vary depending on the fund. For more information you should explore website of that fund which will have all the information about scheme, from there you can also see how these funds have done over the years. Though there won’t be much difference as both schemes returns will be similar to Nifty.