Nifty buying strategy

Hello guys, I have been checking out a strategy which have about. 75-80 percent winning rate if you just stick to the rules.
I am also a amateur trader so I am not recommending, but you can checkout by yourself.

Open Nifty Chart of 5 and 15 minute. We will checkout 15 min chart and take position according to 5 min chart.

Put 5 ema in 15 min chart.
When wick will not touch the 5 ema line we will take position after that. If a 15 min candle open and closes above 5 ema without touching it, then we will make a horizontal line on the lower point of wick and when any 5min candle open below that line, we will buy put and check for 20 points straight.

When a 15 min candle open and closes below 5 ema , then we will make a horizontal line on the top point of wick of that candle and when a 5 min candle open above that line, we will buy call and target for 20 points straight.

We will buy ITM ( 50-100 points away) strike price.

Stop loss will be the lower and higher of the previous candle accordingly.

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Win rate means nothing.

  1. What is the Average R: R for around 200 to 300 trades (More is better)
  2. What is your Sample Size?

Sir, I have been following this strategy strictly for last 4 5 months. I have started as an amateur trader. So, I am taking around 2-3 lots per day. I will definitely increase my lot size and will let you know the results.


Make sure you follow your risk management.

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