Nifty Future Historical Price Volume

I was checking the historical price of Nifty Futures contract from nse website link . The header syas Price-Volume data. But where is the price volume here, What am i missing to notice?

Link to CSV -

Historical Contract-wise Price Volume Data
Symbol Date Expiry Open High Low Close LTP Settle Price No. of contracts Turnover 
in Rs. Lacs
Open Int Change in OI Underlying Value
NIFTY 24-Jun-2014 26-Jun-2014 7,530.15 7,616.75 7,525.60 7,595.55 7,592.00 7,595.55 3,58,708 13,59,978.58 1,13,67,550 -21,87,150 7,580.20
NIFTY 25-Jun-2014 26-Jun-2014 7,587.00 7,597.70 7,567.00 7,574.90 7,576.25 7,574.90 2,09,272 7,93,213.37 92,69,800 -20,97,750 7,569.25
NIFTY 26-Jun-2014 26-Jun-2014 7,568.60 7,570.50 7,487.00 7,497.95 7,492.65 7,493.20 3,06,170 11,51,800.54 59,07,550 -33,62,250


Edit : Inadverantly typed 'price' in my question, Thanks Ajay for the answer, but i was looking for volume data.

Open, High, Low, Close, LTP and Settle Price refer to the price for each period


My horrible typo there, i was looking to find the volume? - I will edit my question, Thanks for the quick reply though.

No. Of Contracts refers to volume. Though actual volume would be No of Contracts multiplied by Contract size.

Thanks, I remember reading somewhere that the contract size of nifty had been different over the years (currently being at 50. Do you know where i can get the historical contract sizes.

Sorry but I am not sure where one would get historical contract sizes. May be Nithin or Karthik might know.

Mystique, as far as I know historical lot size details are not available anywhere.

The contract size of Nifty F&O changed 2 times after its introduction.

June 12, 2000 - started with lot size of 200

April 01, 2005 --> Revised from 200 to 100

March 01, 2007 --> Revised from 100 to 50