Nifty Future lot reduction

Nifty is going to reduce its 50 shares per lot to 25 shares per lot,how will it affect the retail trader?


  • More affordability
  • More Liquidity
  • Less Margin/lot (Almost half)
  • Less slippage

SEBI guideline asks NSE to keep the value of 1 contract at around Rs 2lks. Nifty at 8000 means 1 lot value of around Rs 4lks, and hence the lot size is being reduced from 50 to 25.

@Sdg, when mini-nifty was in, it had a value of around Rs 1lk(nifty was around 6000, so 6000 x 20), and hence SEBI asked Mini nifty to be removed.

Reduction in lot size should definitely increase the liquidity on Nifty.


Nice to hear that. This will surely help many participants to learn trading futures.

Thanks for sharing…

Happy Trading - Mohan

May i know why u r expecting the lot size to get reduced to 25?
A year back NSE removed the mini-nifty(25lot size) contract itself from trading, then y it would introduce it back…

Thank you for the nse circular link.

Thanks Nithin for the clarification.