NIFTY Futures Counter Party for Large Quantity of 500 Contracts?

How do these buyers or sellers find counter party for such large quantities for NIFTY Futures ?

500 contracts in a single trade seems like large quantity.

One of them is definitely going to loose. Is there something that a retail trader does not see in these kind of transactions ?

Are these trades pre arranged or circular trading ? Any comments ?

now a days its becoming normal thing as nifty has become one of the top ten liquid futures in world.

The question was, the person who buys this 500 contract is not some AVERAGE JOE, right ?

So how is one party more confident than the counter party when dealing with such large quantities.

We are talking about 40 crores worth of Financial instrument in one trade,

its big amount for people like us…there are so many institutional traders are there…abu dhabi retirement fund bets against merril lynch and so on…they are big for europian markets forget of indian market.