NIFTY historic data & backtest

This is a two part query

  1. Can I get data for 1-2 years of Nifty movement at 10:45 i.e. what was the open, High, Low and spot till 10:45AM every day.

  2. Is there any platform where I can run a back test where system will check at 10:50AM if spot is greater than low or Spot is less than High than it will Sell a PE/CE respectively.

I saw some Al brooks video where in he was saying (very confidently) that market will make a day high/day low till 10:45AM.


TradingView and Pine Script. Maybe streak too, which I havent used,

Pine require coding, which I am not very comfortable with.

Is there a way to get this data in excel? I can manage almost anything with it.

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In TV, you can export chart data in csv format.

You can checkout