Nifty Hourly Chart

It happens quite often that Nifty Hourly Chart does not get the previous day’s candle updated on the chart.
Why this happens all the time, it’s very irritating.
Any solution?

Could you please share a screenshot of this instance when it happens or give us more details as to when and how it happens?

The hourly charts look good to me.

I am talking about Nifty Hourly chart on Pi Plattform.

Again Nifty Hourly chart not showing last day’s Cadle on the chart.@NITIN PLEASE HELP if the is some settings need to be done?

Press CTRL+R and that should do it.

No, it is still showing the gap between last two days.

It is fine from our end, can you write to [email protected] so we can take access of your system and get this fixed once and for all.

Ok, emailed to Zerodha Support.

Can you see the gap??