Nifty index price

We know that Nifty was launched at 1000 price …and now its above 10000… My question here is that will Nifty goes on continually or it will be split like stocks when price of Nifty goes to 100000 or other price…
When stocks reached certain level then stock split happened … whether in case of Nifty or BN will there be any split to keep the price level capped.

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Nothing as such but the composition of index keep on changing as scrips are renewed for every few months which should form part of the index based on certain predefined criteria. As one can trade only futures based on index level lot size of future will keep on changing.

Nifty is based on free float market cap of stocks

So even if stocks are split the market cap remains same

So no impact on Nifty indirectly

Also directly Nifty will never be split, I think never happened to any index of any country until now