Nifty LargeMidcap 250 Index: A Balance fit between Large & Midcap segments

After the NFO closes, the mutual funds usually open for continuous sale and repurchase within a week.

Thank you. I think it could be seen in the normal market watch or in Coins.

Coin since these are mutual funds.

Expense ratio is 0.25% which imo is pretty high. Compared to other passive funds who charge around 0.10%.

This will likely decrease as the fund size increases.

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Expense ratio has to be read along with tracking error. So its too early to comment if the fees are higher or lower wrt peers.

hi, not sure from where you got to know the tracking error. I have the data as of Oct 2023 and Edelweiss 250 has beaten Uti nifty 50 in terms of tracking error at 0.05 jus below UTi nifty next 50. Please recheck

just saw this, most of the active fund in mid large category are able to beat index fund.
Unlike Nifty50 funds, is it still wise to go fir this???

Inconclusive. Value research 10yr returns looks index beating the active fund.

Are these available for pledging as margin?