Nifty option bulk order

Hi all.
How to place bulk order in nifty options. I know max allowable qnty for nifty option s 1800. And iceberg order allows 10 legs. Means (1800*10=18000 qty)
What if i want to place 19000 qty of nifty options?
Thanks n Advance

You can use basket order to place 20 orders with quantity of 1800 each. After adding the initial order to the basket, you can use the clone feature to add orders with the same quantity and price to the basket. You can learn more about basket orders here: How to place basket orders on Kite?

You can also use the Sticky order window feature, this keeps the order window open when you place the order allowing you to quickly place multiple orders with the same quantity and price. More on This here: What is a sticky order window in Kite, and how to use it?

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