Nifty Options expiry

I got a notification on 16th February about nifty option on my zerodha kite and warned to closed my positions to avoid high STT. I am wondering why nifty options expired a week before the last Thursday of February month which is on 23rd. Anyone know reason for early expiry?

hello trader,

The nearest expiry of NIFTY options fall on the last Thursday of every calendar month.

There is a possibility The notification you received on 16th might be related to BANK NIFTY options.

With the new changes implemented , the nearest expiry for BANK NIFTY options are every Thursday.

I guess you are right. May be it was for bank nifty. I was not aware of weekly bank nifty options expiry. Just google about it now. Thanks for the information

you trading Index options without knowing difference between Nifty n Bank Nifty ?! . . . you must be Rich :money_mouth:

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