Nifty- Sideways but tense?

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Morning View - 29 May


  • European markets were up again yesterday while US markets were consolidating & down by 0.5%
  • VIX indices are still trending lower
  • FIIs net buy for about Rs. 2.3K Crores in cash market again


  • Asian markets are mostly negative after 3-4 days of up move
  • Geo political risks are bubbling up
    * Hong Kong
    * India-China border dispute

Global Markets: Looks like consolidation

Global markets are consolidating after 3 -4 days of solid up move. European markets ended higher yesterday but their futures this morning is down by about 1% in Asia trading session. US Dow Jones closed down by about 0.5% and the futures are down as well this morning.

The geopolitical risk associated with Hong Kong is raising. US president will announce measures possibly economic sanctions on China this evening. The calmness in the VIX index indicates that the global markets are consolidating at the moment, bubbling geo political risks could threaten trade and send market sharply lower.

The Gold is up but USD is down because of strong Euro.

ASIAN Markets this morning: - Sideways with negative bias

Any tough economic sanctions on China could hit trade flow in Asia. Obviously, the Asia markets are on watch. They are mostly trading with negative bias this morning. SGX Nifty index is down about 100 points compared to yesterday’s Nifty close but seems to be recovering from morning lows

Calendar events

India’s Fiscal deficit, GDP growth and infrastructure output numbers will be released by today evening after market closes. Purchasing Manager’s Index will start flowing from June 1.

US President press conference will announce counter measures on China

India : -Economic woes plus geopolitical risk

Apart from Hong Kong related geopolitical risk, India is facing its own border dispute with China. The festering border stand off could flare up. However, FIIs are buying again and India VIX is still trending lower indicating things are not likely to get out of control. Yesterday FIIs net bought for about Rs.2.3K crores.

Result announcement:

Equitas, Jubliant and KEC will declare their quarterly results today.

NIFTY -Technical Bias:

Price Action & Pattern:

Nifty - Range Bound?

Nifty - Range Bound?

Nifty did not go up as much as other markets during the last few days of rally. Political risks and US president news conference after market hours will keep Nifty tense and range bound. At the moment chances of market breaking out of 9520 does not look bright. At lower level, Nifty may take support at around 9180.

India VIX may raise.

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Nifty did not stay in the range.

A strong close on daily and also weekly time frame. Looks like bulls will take the next week

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bulls will take charge only if good news comes from white house regarding trade deal/hong kong issue
else you know if dow crashes then …
indian gdp numbers are not good…btw we shouldnt look at dow because fed is buying

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Quarterly GDP beats estimates but Dow opens lower :grinning: