Ninjatrader Kiteconnect Connection & Order placement

Hello Team,
I have downloaded Ninjatrader 8, and subscribed NSE data feed from Accelpix.
Live feed is good and I am getting Volume for Index as well with Tick data
Question is:
How to connect Ninjatrader to Zerodha to place order directly from Ninjatrader to Zerodha Kite?
Anyone using Ninjatrader to fire order to zerodha (or) any other Broker? If I use KiteConnect API/Kitenet will it work with Ninjatrader?
I have checked though the TradingQ&A. but I am getting very old replies! As my background is based on programming in Dotnet, would like to give a shot.
Would like to know their experience! If anyone used before, please advise on this.
Thanks in advance