[Nithin] [Feature Req]

Messy to arrange stocks in various “tabs” and then hunt for which one is where.
And stocks that we trade change daily.
SO daily adding and removing stocks and hunting for which stock in which tab is just cumbersome

Pl add a single list with unlimited entries to kite?
Sounds so much better!

Unlimited entries in one list is a bandwidth hog if tens of thousands of people are fetching so many live ticks. The performance will drop for everyone.


Possible to add alteast alphabetical sorting for the existing lists?
and perhaps increase the limit to 30 from 20, per tab ?

Please add at least drag&drop within tabs, it will be very useful for sorting… i.e. tabs can be assigned for F&O, IntraDay, Short-Holding, Long-Holding, …

One can drag and drop a scrip within a marketwatch.

Yup, Siva… that’s possible withing any one of the tab… what I mean is drag from open tab & drop to another tab… this will enable sorting of script easier & save little labor of retyping … :slight_smile: