No option to sell canara robeco gold saving fund growth

I have canara robeco gold saving fund units on my coin portfolio. I cannot seem to sell/redeem/buy the units of the scheme. There is no button to do so.
Also the NAV is frozen in time at 8 Nov 2019. No NAV update after that.
I am starting to worry now on how to liquidate this.

Canara Robeco Gold Fund is being merged with Canara Robeco Savings Fund. That’s the reason why you aren’t able to see an exit option. Given that the fundamental attribute of the scheme is changing, regulations allow an exit load free period of one month. Just create a ticket here and we’ll update your portfolio,

What should I write in the ticket ? As per attached memo if no action were taken before 7th Nov. New scheme units would be auto alloted. I dont see that has happened.either.
And thank u for your informative response

Just mention whatever you have written here and someone from our team will check.

Its been 3 days I have raised the ticket like you suggested. I have not received any update or reply.

It’s been 9 days since I raised this ticket now. Is there any way to escalate this?
What needs to be done to escalate. I did a call followup and I was told it would take 24-48 hours to change the portfolio to reflect new allocation.
I don’t think this is going anywhere. Please help !!!

@Bhuvanesh, Could you Please suggest further steps.