No profit using zerodha demat

I have open account in zerodha 2 years before.
Till date my account is in loss only and no profit.
I have tried delivery base position and intraday trading still delivery share price goes down.

Tell me two of your biggest failed trades which you had full conviction still failed, then we can find if there is any reason to it

Dont reveal any info like quantity and profit/loss numbers and all, just tell which stock in which month/date and what price u entered and exited

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Bought coal India share @ 252 n exit @ 230.
Bought apex frozen food @ 900 and exit @700.
Bought mahindra and mahindra delivery @ 715 n exit@705.
Bought Larsen and tourbo @ 1360 n exit @ 1305.

They are good stocks for long term.

A) You are exiting big stocks at 1-4% loss, while you call it delivery trade. This is very small stop loss. I cant guess if you bought when the stock was rallying already, or you bought it at proper price.

I am guessing maybe your quantity was very high so you got panic within 5% downside.

Usually good swing traders will choose good stocks and buy them at lows. Good stocks like Kotak, HDFCBank, Britannia, HUL, TCS, INFY, Asian paints and 10-20 other such stocks gave lot of lows within the year and went on to make new highs.

B) Apex again you bought at 900, this was a stock i sold at 900. So basically you chased a stock which went up 5 times in less than one year. This is typical retailers mistake.

But you did very good thing to exit it. Always keep strict stop loss in midcaps. I have friends who are still holding Apex they bought it over 800.

I have bought delivery of stock when stock comes down to 5_10% low.
As per the technical chart policy we have to enter the stock in uptrend buy trend when macd line cross from below to up and stock cross from below 200 ,50,30,dma tried using this technical analysis still have seen loss of big