Nominee for Zerodha account

How to assign nominee for my Zerodha account? Is it possible online?

i am surprised to see that not so many people here talk about nomination in the account. either they would have done at the time of opening or not aware of it. everybody who knows some financial things in india will certainly know the excruciating difficulty suffered by the legal heirs in receiving the balances in the account. please bestow some of your interest in putting in place a system to make/modify nominations online. will help many traders.thanks

This isn’t in our hands. We have been asking regulators to allow this. I think SEBI has taken this up with MCA (in the new digital world post Covid), hopefully we should have good news on this in a few months.


If I have included nomination in my Zerodha account, then do I have to add nomination on CDSL separately?

When you add a nominee, it is added to your Trading + Demat account, so you don’t have to add it seperately.

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