Norton antivirus is detecting threat in latest pi update

Today on 19 July , I was updating pi with latest patch but Norton block installation. Following is reason given by Norton

  • pi_patch.exe contained threat Heur.AdvML.D
  • Risk : HIGH
  • Activity : Threat action performed :1
  • Threat type : Heuristic virus
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some antivirus may block legitimate files by mistake. By adding the file to the Exclusions list, you prevent Norton Antivirus from scanning
Open the main user Interface of Norton AntiVirus -> move the slider to turn off AntiVirus option. Then try to install the software. also make sure you are enabling this option after installing the software.

you can also add pi folder in exclusion list as per below given steps

Click the “Settings” link in the Norton Antivirus window to navigate to Settings.

Click the “Antivirus and Exclusions” link and then click the “Configure” link next to “Items to Exclude from Scans.”

Click the “Add” button, then the “Browse” button. Select the file you want to exclude from scans ( the default pi folder location is C:\Zerodha) and click “OK” twice to add the file to the Exclusions list. You can select an entire folder, and all its subfolders, if you want to exclude a group of files.

Click “Apply” and then “OK” to apply and save the new settings.