Not able to deploy strategies even when 5 are left for the day

I am deploying live and papertrade strategies. After deploying 20 out of 25, it says limit reached. How is that even possible? I am deploying after 12 midnight and before I started deploying it showed 25/25. Now, it shows 5/25 and still the error message of limit reached.

Also, the same thing happened Yesterday, only 21 got deployed. I ignored and tried deploying them during the trading day, but the same message.

I am looking for some quick help as I am losing available deployments.

Please write to [email protected] regarding this.

ok, thanks. I will send an email right away.

@Krishnendu This is my 2nd month with Streak and the same error happened about 4 times. Every time the support replies or call with an apology and that is it. Even right now I am facing the same issue.
Who is responsible for the loss of deployments & trades? Simply replying with an apology on the name of the technical issue is enough? How come the same error can happen on a single account every other week?

Why streak is not crediting the lost deployments? And why there is no fix for such a serious error?

Hi @jay11,

We have looked into this matter for you account, and the team will communicate with you on the same.
This looks to be an isolated account issue, based on some usage pattern which is not being handled well, we are investigating it and appreciate your patience.