Not able to exit bracket order

Hi Guys

is there any time constraint with bracket order? as today i placed some sale order may be around 3PM and then couldn’t able to square it off. I guess you can square off bracket order? Can someone help me please. I am really in confusion what’s going on.

But I am not happy with BO orders and something big issues going with Zerodha software.
I have incurred the losses.
The brief summary is as below

  1. I placed BO order for KSCL Nov future order @ 440 with Target as 445 (5 points) and SL 437 (3 Points) with trailing SL as 1.
    The share moved into my favor and I modified Target to 442.5. My Target achieved and I could able to book profit of 3750
    But to my surprise SL Order was still showing in Pending order. I called ZERODHA Team and I could not got the solution. Even System was not allowing me to cancel this position. I again called and asked to raise complaint ticket with High Priority . But this did not happen. In the evening I observed some transactions happened in my account and KSCL position showing in Negative. Even now I can see there are 2 futures position available 1 sis short and 1 is long for KSCL Nov Future. How it can happen ?
    Who will recover my losses?
  2. I placed BO order for IGL & 865 with Target as 870 (5 points) and SL 462 (3 Points) with trailing SL as 1. Share was not moving in my favor so I started modifying my target to 866. But system was not accepting this modification and subsequently Order got cancelled from my order book. Now only SL order was pending and I was unable to modify it. I called ZERODHA and same result. No satisfactory answers. I was notified to treat SL order as TG order and place 866. But system was not accepting this order. finally ZERODHA executive cancelled my order at Cost to Cost. I missed 1 point Profit (1100) over here.
  3. Please let me know what are my current holding since your App is showing something strange. BO orders are showing in my outstanding Positions.
  4. How ZERODHA will reimburse me the losses for ( KSCL-3750 & IGH-1100) + Brokarage & Taxes happened on account of System Issues.
  5. Yesterday same thing happen with Fund Transfer, I made Online transfer of 7000 INR from linked account to commodity Account and balance was not showing in my commodity Account. I missed to take Crude position due to this. I called ZERODHA and person was asking me screenshot proof, why? I emailed it some how and called back. I was assured t will get reflected within 5 mins. When I asked Why delay was happened, I got answer of system issue. I will let you know How much Potential Profit I missed.
    Based upon above experience, it sounds Executives are not technically trained to satisfy clients queries or there is big problem with system and executives are helpless.
    Please rest assure, I am not going to born any losses due to system malfunction
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